DDL has capitalised on its exceptional natural heritage, especially its orchards with their wide varieties of fruit trees and exotic plants, to diversify into agricultural production and processing activities. La Pépinière de Labourdonnais markets many different kind of plants, including fruit trees, aromatic and exotic plants, among many others, to the delight of Mauritians looking to embellish their outdoor spaces.


DDL also took the bold gamble to develop two hectares of land, destined to the plantation of various food products under a sustainable agriculture, with a view to becoming self-sufficient.


As for Distillerie de Labourdonnais, it produces different ranges of rum from the sugarcane surrounding the estate. Some of them were even awarded prizes by several international programmes praising the quality of liquors.


The production factory, Les Vergers de Labourdonnais, uses real craftsmanship along with family recipes, in order to produce a variety of fruit-based products, in accordance with the strictest food safety standards. Les Vergers de Labourdonnais brand has become a world-famous Mauritian reference.

La Pépinière de Labourdonnais

La Pépinière de Labourdonnais is one of the oldest and most emblematic in Mauritius. Created in the 1950s, it specialises in the cultivation of fruit trees.

The public is invited to discover a wide variety of plants including:

  • fruit trees (breadfruit, mango trees, citrus fruit trees…)
  • bedding plants (Saponaria, Flax lilies, Leadworts…)
  • palm trees (from Madagascar, the Round Island, dwarf date palms…)
  • vines (Stephanotis, Garlic vine, Urechites…)
  • trees (Casses roses, Araucarias, Tabebuias…)
  • shrubs (Ixora, Frangipani, Bougainvillea…)
  • aromatic plants (Pepper, Nutmeg, Rosemary…)
  • vegetable seedlings (Lettuce, Chilli, Eggplant…)
  • cactus and succulents (Euphorbias, Agaves, Sansevieria…)

Garden accessories such as growing supplies (seeds, pots…), garden tools, fertilisers, substrates and phytosanitary products are also on sale. You will also find Eco gardening products like our 100% plant-based compost, our 100% natural and untreated wood shavings, or some organic fertilisers.

Customers can also get precious advice from the members of our professional team regarding the specificities of each product, as well as benefit from our home delivery services. Tailor-made orders are also available to landscapers.

Les Vergers de Labourdonnais

In 1995, using its many hectares of agricultural lands and lush orchards, Domaine de Labourdonnais started producing several types of food made with the fruits from its orchards. A new adventure which proved fruitful, bringing about a more modern factory in 2007, one that is today known as Les Vergers de Labourdonnais.

In its early days, production took place in a small room in the backyard of a house, where a few dozen kilos of fruits were transformed into jams and fruit pastes/sweets, using authentic family recipes. Over the years, thanks to a unique know-how and with the help of a few dedicated employees, the factory has grown substantially, never failing to preserve its artisanal methods.

Today, a wide range of products, made by some sixty employees according to strict HACCP food safety standards, is offered to the general public. This reflects the values of authenticity and quality that lie at the heart of Domaine de Labourdonnais’ priorities.

Les Vergers de Labourdonnais brand is now internationally recognised. Appreciated for its cooking methods that allow the quality of the fruit to be preserved without altering its natural colour or taste, the factory currently supplies locally produced, gourmet products to most Mauritian hotels. A variety of goods are also available to the general public in supermarkets and in various shops across the island.

Having at heart to offer the best to its customers, Les Vergers de Labourdonnais surrounds itself with passionate and motivated professionals. While the production team always strives for perfect quality, the research & development team is constantly working to create new recipes and innovative concepts.

For all these reasons, Les Vergers de Labourdonnais fruit processing factory has received numerous awards over the years, including the Blue Ribbon, the Innovators Award and the Africa SME Award.

The public is invited to discover a unique and varied range of tasty products, made according to traditional know-how:

  • Fruit jellies
  • Jams and marmalades
  • Fruit juices
  • Sorbets and ice creams
  • Fruit purées

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La Distillerie de Labourdonnais

With a view to diversify its sugarcane production activity, Domaine de Labourdonnais created La Rhumerie des Mascareignes in 2006, which was then renamed La Distillerie de Labourdonnais eight years later. This new entity combines unique know-how and quality rums to produce original recipes for tastefully authentic rums.

The public is invited to discover our world-famous ranges of rums, which proudly present the ten medals awarded to us over the years by various programmes praising the quality of liquors. Our ranges of rums are appreciated for the finesse of their production and conservation methods. They are column distilled and undergo their ageing process in different French or American oak barrels, which we have carefully selected to obtain delicious aged rums.


Classic range
The “Classic” range comprises different white and amber rums, offering different aromas and flavours for rum enthusiasts’ greatest pleasure:

White rums

  • Original – 50% Vol
  • Classic – 40% Vol

Amber rums

  • Classic gold – 40% Vol
  • Spiced gold – 40% Vol


Fusion range
The “Fusion” range offers a selection of refined rums made from fruits and spices harvested on Domaine de Labourdonnais. The mix results from a natural maceration of fruits and spices from our orchards, which are then fermented for up to three months before being filtered and bottled.

Our Fusion range offers a variety of delicious flavours:

  • Vanilla
  • Spices
  • Ginger
  • Coffee-vanilla
  • Calamondin
  • Lemongrass


Prestige range – Old rums
Our rum cellar holds several types of barrels and our rums are aged in old Cognac, Bourbon, Port or American Whisky barrels, as well as new Sauternes and French oak casks. These aging processes enhance the different rums, giving them their exceptional aromas.

  • Gentlemen Single Cask 9 YO – 42% Vol
  • Amelia 2 YO – 40% Vol

Distillerie de Labourdonnais has also diversified its offering and developed three other unique products, including:

  • Panela, an integral, raw or unrefined natural sugar obtained from the controlled boiling and evaporation of pure sugarcane juice. Panela retains almost all the micronutrients that are present in cane juice, since the discarded molasses in the production of white sugar are kept within. This type of sugar has a desirable taste and can be used as normal sugar, adding a sweeter touch to your dishes and drinks.
  • Siro Kann, a sugar syrup made from fresh sugarcane juice harvested on the estate and brought to our site for manufacturing. Siro Kann retains almost all the beneficial minerals that are present in cane juice. Sweet and intense, it is often used as a substitute to honey or consumed on its own.
  • Esprit d’Épices bags are made of dried fruits, spices and leaves, mixed together according to established recipes to enable the making of homemade “rhum arrangé”. All ingredients are obtained locally from our own orchards, and processed on site by our team.

Le Potager

DDL’s vegetable garden adheres to the “Smart Agriculture” project initiated by the Mauritian Chamber of Agriculture, whereby vegetables are produced while respecting the principles and values of sustainable agriculture. These practices focus on protecting the environment and producing healthy vegetables through the reduction of pesticides.

Two hectares of land equipped with a modern irrigation system are dedicated to grow a wide variety of vegetables, including lettuces, creepers, and herbs like parsley, coriander and thyme.

The objective is to produce small amounts of a wide range of products to supply La Corbeille, La Terrasse and La Table du Châateau.

Our Orchards

For decades, DDL has owned a vast expanse of historic land which has contributed to enhancing its natural heritage and has served as an important source of business from the very beginning.

This territory represents approximately 30 hectares, the vast majority of which is home to a selection of fruit trees. Since 2000, vanilla plantations have been added to the crops; today two hectares are dedicated to their cultivation.

In an attempt to share this beautiful richness of the land, various agricultural activities have developed over the years, bringing about the planting of some fifteen varieties of tropical fruits (papayas, mangoes, citrus and passion fruits…) and two types of vanilla (planifolia and tahitensis).

Today, we report an annual production of about 150 tonnes of fruits and an average 200 kilos of dried vanilla beans.

Some of the products from our orchards are available at La Corbeille or can be bought from various local suppliers and supermarkets. The remaining products are kept at the factory and used to produce jams, fruit juices and pastes, courtesy of Les Vergers de Labourdonnais.

Simply homemade

Simply Homemade is DDL’s latest activity. It offers a wide range of frozen ready-made meals and pastries, available at La Corbeille and selected shops and supermarkets around the island. We use high-quality ingredients and fresh products.