• Creating memorable authentic experiences

  • Creating memorable authentic experiences

  • Creating memorable authentic experiences

Creating memorable authentic experiences

Fruit trees

Savour the pleasure of eating fruit that you’ve planted yourself! The Labourdonnais Nursery offers a wide variety of high-quality fruit trees for sale. The trees bear sweet and fragrant fruit thanks to our care and expertise.

Among the fruit trees available are breadfruit, litchi, grafted citrus, grafted mango, grafted purple custard apple, dwarf ambarella…


Bedding plants

Bedding plants flourish when planted in the ground rather than in pots. Because of their small size, they can be planted alongside or in combination with taller plants.

The best known of the varieties on offer at the Nursery are soapwort, plumbago, crinum, dwarf bamboo, flax lilies and duranta.


Palm trees

Palms are quintessentially exotic trees. We raise a large variety of palm trees of various sizes. These amazing plants will bring a touch of something special to your garden.

Among the species we cultivate for sale are Madagascar palm, bamboo palm, Round Island fan palm, Mascarena palm, coconut...

Creepers / Climbing plants

These vines’ abundant flowers and ornamental foliage will beautifully adorn your fences, walls and even your trees.

Stephanotis, garlic vine, urechites, purple allamanda, tristellateia and Seychelles liana will all embellish your garden.



Trees are the foundation of any garden, and are the basis on which you should determine which other vegetation to plant. They should be selected based on their rate of growth.

Come and discover trees including the pink casse, araucaria, tabebuia and ashoka.



Shrubs are woody plants that grow up to 8 meters in height, and which have noticeable trunks. The terms ‘bush’ and ‘shrub’ are often used interchangeably, but the former are distinguished by their lack of a trunk.

The shrubs we offer for sale include ixora, frangipani, bougainvillea, musseanda…


Aromatic plants

Aromatic plants have become must-haves for those who enjoy both gardening and cooking. There’s nothing like picking your own mint to sprinkle over strawberries, or topping a steak with green peppercorns that you’ve grown yourself.

We offer a wide range of aromatics including pepper, nutmeg, rosemary, thyme, habanero pepper, basil...


Vegetable seedlings

Our seedlings are sprouted from certified seeds and sold ready to plant in the ground. Because they don’t need to be re-potted or transplanted, the seedlings are more resilient than usual. 

This technique also allows you to harvest your vegetables earlier (within 2 to 3 weeks) than if you had grown them from seed. 

Create your own vegetable garden with our lettuce, pepper, eggplant and cabbage seedlings, among others.

Cactus and succulents

Cactus plants are distinguished by their aureolas, from which the thorns and flowers that have evolved to replace their leaves appear.

Succulents are able to withstand harsh environmental conditions by retaining water within their tissues.

The Nursery offers euphorbia, agave, mother-in-law’s tongue, kalanchoe, cactus...